lessons learned

an organized timeline of events in the lessons learned universe, aka my interpretation of the new timeline created during the events of the bttf musical. this page is honestly just for me so i have something easy to reference when writing fanfics but maybe you'll find it entertaining too!

note that some of this information is solidly canonical, some of it is inspired by non-canon material like the cartoon, and a vast majority of it is me shoving my original ideas anywhere they can possibly fit.

'55 gang birthdays:

october 1955 - 3-D breaks his last pair of glasses. slick helps.

november 5, 1955 - time travel day!

november 12, 1955 - the enchantment under the sea dance. george and lorraine get together. biff has a revelation.

december 25, 1955 - slick and 3-D celebrate christmas together. biff is also there.

early 1956 - slick and 3-D finally realize they're queer as hell and officially become boyfriends.

june 1956 - the seniors at hill valley high school (including everyone in the '55 gang) graduate.

december 7, 1958 - george and lorraine get married.

june 13, 1959 - realizing that it's totally not fair george and lorraine get to be married when they don't, slick and 3-D arrange a small ceremony and declare themselves married too.

august 5, 1963 - dave mcfly is born.

september 15, 1966 - linda mcfly is born.

early 1968 - biff has a one night stand with a random woman at a bar. she gets pregnant.

june 9, 1968 - marty is born and is assigned female. this doesn't stop lorraine from nicknaming him marty, after that strange boy who caught her attention all those years ago.

september 13, 1968 - tiff tannen is born as buford howard tannen jr, nicknamed bee by her tito slick. she's assigned male at birth. her mother doesn't want her, so biff becomes a single father.

early 1979 - marty realizes he's trans and with doc's help, begins to transition.

late 1980 - tiff, tired of self-denial and dysphoria, comes out as a trans woman to her father. biff is very proud of her.

early 1985 - slick and 3-D open one of the first franchised blockbusters, right in hill valley's town square.

october 26, 1985 - time travel day!

november 1985 - marty has a confession for his uncle biff. a few days later, marty tells george and lorraine about his time travel.

1996 - griff tannen is born.

1998 - marlene and marty jr are born.

2013 - tiff opens the cafe 80's.