owls' guide to webshrines

this guide was originally written as part of issue #1 of the surf club e-zine. it may be updated in the future here!

if you've ever wandered around neocities or any personal website, you've likely encountered some kind of shrine. a page (or pages) full of images and writing about that person's favorite thing. shrines can be focused on anything from a piece of media like pokémon, to tracking the books you've read, to a sprawling mini-site about your ttrpg campaign.

shrines are a labor of love, a place to display adoration and pride about whatever you want. the problem that a lot of people seem to run into is not knowing what to put in a shrine. sure, you love a particular movie series, but what the hell do you even make about it?

you could simply write about the things you like, maybe add a few images, and that's a perfectly wonderful shrine! if that's enough for you, go ahead and do it! but some folks want pizzaz. they want style. if you're one of those folks, it's your lucky day. we're the owls, self-proclaimed shrine aficionados, here to give you inspiration for your webshrines!

this guide will be structured as lists of ideas and prompts, separated into categories. feel free to use any of these ideas, absolutely no credit required!

what to write about?

sometimes you don't even know which of your interests you want to make a shrine about! here's some categories and some writing prompts, for those of you that just want to write about your favorite things.

tv shows/movies/books

video games

bands/music artists


misc things

ways to style shrines

you can always write a couple paragraphs about your favorite thing. but maybe you want it to look snazzy! here's some ideas on how to snazz it up.

single pages

for when your shrine is just one page, or for individual parts of a multi-page shrine.

shrine list

do you have multiple shrines and want more than a list of links in your navigation bar? make a page like these:

just remember...

your shrines are your space to express your love for the things that are special to you. don't feel pressured to make it pretty or appealing. don't worry about coming off as "cringe." be proud of the stuff you love! and show your love by making silly little webpages about it!