1. What Makes a Good Time Loop Story?
    On how to write a satistying time loop narrative.
  2. "pretty woman with the iced coffee"
  3. Nostalgic Nights
    Two automatons have a conversation in a malt shop, among the ruins of humanity.
  4. "chimera"
  5. "universe"
  6. "universe (big bang blackout)"
  7. "mountain climbers"
  8. "text messages"
  9. 2022 Art Journey!
    Written reflection about the development of our art style in 2022.
  10. Dreams and Prophecies
    A prophet is unsure if his dream is a memory or a warning.
  11. Sing, O Muse, the Rage of Achilles
    The story of a warrior and his love. It does not end happily.
  12. Into the Feywild
    A human girl travels to an overgrown land and meets a lonely king.
  13. I Know Two Autistic People
    On functioning labels.
  14. "folklore"
  15. "may 20th, 2020"
  16. Why Neocities?
    On modern social media and why I chose Neocities.
  17. "journey to now"
  18. "melting moon"
  19. "curiosity killed the cat"
  20. "robin"
  21. "liquid stardust"
  22. "record scratch"
  23. "battery life"
  24. "gift receipts"